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126 Limestone Crescent, Unit 2, North York, ON, Canada
Platform: In-Person Only

About Chamelea Center

Chamelea Centre offers programs that inspire young minds through science, art, and fun! Bring your children and watch as they discover the mysteries of Ancient Egypt, become a CSI scientist, design their own signature perfume, or explore the space and ocean. We offer birthday parties at your home or at the centre; hands-on workshops for camps, after-school programs, and lunchtime programs.

Choose from 15 birthday party packages and themes, with unique loot bags available. Children’s activities should be educational, informative and fun. Chamelea programs share STEM themes through a unique blend of fascinating science, creative art, and specially-tailored activities for all age groups.


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  • Alex

    Amazing place for parties up to 15 kiddos!