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45 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 202, Toronto ON M2N 5W9

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Psychological services for kids and families. Treatment for all types of behavioural, emotional, and learning difficulties


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  • Lillian

    I had an appointment on March 25/19 concerning my daughter with Dr. Ferguson. Prior to the meeting we spoke on the phone and I advised her of my concerns with my daughter. She said she would like to meet with me first to do an assessment. She didn’t mention the cost. She told me she normally charges $200 and I assumed the charge would start when she met with my daughter. I met with her on Mar. 25th…..with no advice provided but to say I should bring my daughter in. I was told that before leaving I was obgliated to pay $200. No advice was provided; no follow-up either. I was just appalled that someone in this profession only really cared about their fee. I do not recommend this place.

  • Alisa

    Perhaps it was my experience with a particular doctor, but I found this place to be rather unhelpful. It took 2 months of waiting to be taken in and then 4 months and $700 later (thank God for insurance) I haven’t had a single suggestion in regards to the problems we came with. I understand a thorough assessment does take time. That’s fine, but why not say “here is what you can try to begin with and let me know how this goes” or “keep notes of ….” The only result was a call to CAS who opened and closed a case (since there really wasn’t anything illegal on our side as parents and they confirmed it). When I said to the doctor that was seeing us that we won’t be coming any more, she did not even bother finding out why, which clearly shows she didn’t care and I am almost wondering if calling CAS was a nice and effective way to get rid of patients. I did mention that my insurance is limited, maybe that too played a role, she knew we won’t be coming there for 20-30 treatments. Maybe other doctors are different, but I had a poor experience.