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About Wish & Give

Wish & Give is a party invitation service and an alternative to traditional gift giving. Guests can choose an amount to contribute toward a group gift and to a Canadian charity or nonprofit in lieu of a birthday gift. Choose from 86,000 charities on the site, and use the postal code search tool to find a local charity near you. It’s a great way to teach kids about giving back.


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  • Laura

    We’ve used Wish & Give twice and love that it gives me an opportunity to have a discussion with my kids about giving back, at a time of year (their birthday) when they’re used to receiving. The site is easy to use and my kids love that they get to pick out one “big” gift with their portion of the money! And they also love picking out the charity to share their birthday money with.

  • Katherine

    I used Wish and Give for my daughter’s birthday party and it was great. She felt proud that she was helping a charity our family supports and it’s a great way to teach children the importance of giving back to the community. Very easy sit to use, would recommend!

  • Jennifer Vervena

    Love Wish & Give!!! It’s a win-win for both birthday party host and guests. Plus, as a parent it thrills me to see the pride my children take in choosing a charity to “share” their birthday with. Empowering children and teaching them they can make a positive impact is pretty awesome.