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Trinity Christian School 2170 Itabashi Way Burlington, L7M 5B3
Tansley Woods Community Centre 1996 Itabashi Way Burlington, L7M 4J8

About VolleyGirls Volleyball

Imagine this: music playing, your pals, tons of volleyballs flying, passing drills, serving contests, individual instruction, team challenges, a last-day tournament—and plenty of fun! That’s the camp program at VolleyGirls Volleyball in a nutshell.

The VolleyGirls Volleyball camp program focuses on three main areas: skill instruction, game knowledge, and skill assessment. The program is designed for girls ages 7 to 16, with athletes placed in groups according to their existing skill level so that they can progress at an appropriate pace.

VolleyGirls Volleyball is dedicated to ensuring that your child enjoys a light, fun camp environment, filled with important coaching instruction to get their skill set rockin’! Players can expect daily detailed skills instruction, followed by drill work and then—the best part—games! It’s safe, fun, upbeat, and it keeps girls coming back year after year.

In addition to the summer camp program, VolleyGirls Volleyball offers an instructional program for ages 7 to 12, as well as a seasonal beach volleyball program. Visit the website for more details and registration information.