Why Bring Party Entertainment to Your House for Your Child’s Birthday?

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You’ve decided to have a small, intimate gathering to celebrate your child’s birthday this year. Then suddenly, your little one decides he/she really must have everyone from their class over for the afternoon. As we all know, kids can’t be left to their own devices, so you need a plan, and fast!

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to keep large groups of kids busy, and they don’t all cost an arm and a leg. Having a party at home means convenience, less hassle and, hopefully, more fun. You can also hire somebody else to bring the entertainment to you! We spoke with a few birthday party experts who helped us come up with this list of reasons why you should bring entertainment to your house for your child’s birthday.

Memorable, yet affordable

The main reason why parties are thrown at home is the cost. Venues can be expensive. Sometimes, the cost of a venue is worth it; you’ll have less stress and won’t have to plan everything yourself. However, if you want a more affordable party, but just don’t have time to plan it, there are plenty of workarounds. Jelena from Fairytale Land said, “Many parents are on a tight budget, so bringing an hour of entertainment to the house instead of booking a facility for a few hours is a much cheaper option.”

It doesn’t remove all costs, but you can put together DIY decorations, healthy snacks, and fun party games on a really small budget. And the good news is, that will leave wiggle room for you to hire entertainment to come to the house for an hour (or two), so you don’t have to keep the kids busy the entire time. Jackie from In the Mix said, “Many party venues are quite expensive and you would never want to allocate the brunt of the funds toward a venue over the FUN for the party.”

Having party entertainment come to the house also makes it more memorable for the kids. Kids are used to home being the same almost every day, so bringing in someone special will create a unique memory in their childhood. Michael from Right Choice said, “It makes your child’s party more fun and memorable, and will have your guests talking about your party for a long time. I still remember and talk about my little cousin’s party from back in the day when he had a magician come. It was the only entertainment my family has ever hired, but we still talk about it.”

Close to home

Another huge reason why people decide to bring entertainment into the home, instead of renting a venue, is the location. What could be closer than home? Alysha from Mad Science said, “Performers who come to you make it so easy to have a party at home. You don’t have to worry about carting decorations, presents, cake, and more to another venue.

It also means less driving for your guests. Most of the time, the birthday boy or girl will invite classmates, who generally live close by. Mitch from Everblast said, “We do tons of parties in family homes, especially in the warm weather months when we can head outside! Why ask your guests to trek across town to a specific party location when the fun can come right to your neighbourhood?”

More comfortable

Some kids are uncomfortable with strange surroundings and would rather stay home, and because it’s their special day, you are letting them decide. A party in your own house is a great way to make shy or anxious kids more at ease with all the socializing that comes with a party crowd. Jackie (from In the Mix) said, “It is nice to keep the party more intimate and have the birthday child feel extra special in a space that they are already comfortable in.”

David from Chocolate Tales agreed, “Home parties are classic, they allow the child to share their home environment with their friends. They feel more comfortable at home.” Making kids feel more at home helps them have a good time, but it also lets them bring their friends into their personal space, which is an important step in childhood friendship.

The comforts of home don’t only benefit the kids, they also benefit you. Alysha (from Mad Science) pointed out “you can relax knowing your kids are safe in a familiar and comfortable environment. There are so many options for birthday parties these days, and whether you go simple or spectacular, having a party at home can help keep everything straightforward.”

No extra hassle

And finally, bringing the entertainment to you means no extra hassle. “It’s hassle free – no driving, no traffic. Everything comes to you,” said David (from Chocolate Tales). Aside from not having to drive anywhere, or carry party stuff from one place to another, you also don’t have the stress of making sure all the guests arrive on time at the venue. When the party is at your house, people can come and go as they please, without being worried about disrupting the event.

Having party entertainment come to you also means you will have more free time. While they are doing their thing with the kids, you can do a little cleanup, start preparing the next event, or even just mingle with your adult guests. Jackie (from In the Mix) said, “We come and only use specific areas of a home (mostly a basement, large living room, etc.), and parents can either participate in the dance and music video fun, or set up the cake, and hang out with other parents.” It doesn’t necessarily give you an hour off from party duty, but it can sure help take the stress off of you.

Alysha (from Mad Science) concluded, “What’s easier than having everything and everyone come to you? Have your party delivered to your door, just like the pizza!”

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