Marky Monday’s Adventures in Dreamland

This rock musical for all ages (suited especially for ages 10 and under) made its stage debut in Richmond Hill in October 2018 and now comes to Stouffville! The multimedia musical adventure features Marky Monday (Mark William Pezzelato—the show’s creator) and a gang of quirky characters who are popular
from their YouTube music videos on the Marky Monday Channel.

There’s lots of fun for the whole family, with comedic sing-along catchy rock/funk songs  and interesting characters. Along Marky Monday’s journey to meet the owner of dreamland, he learns the values of respecting others, honesty, and how to build loving compassionate friendships while thinking for oneself and maintaining integrity.

Marky Monday’s Adventures in Dreamland is not only a live performance, but is also available with illustrations, transcript, and audio download consisting of the entire adventure complete with story, narration, characters, sound effects, and fully produced music.

Show is 1 hr, 10 min. Two showtimes: 12:30 pm and 4 pm. Tickets are $20. Buy tickets online.

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