Canada’s Largest Egg Hunt

Event Details

With four colour-coded teams, families compete to not only find the eggs, but to score the most points. Teams earn points by completing a series of challenges associated with the eggs they find. Designed to ensure maximum participation from all ages, the challenges rely on the family and the team to work together! The winning team will have the chance to win an ultimate prize pack.

Sounds EGGS-citing, right?

Canada’s Largest Egg Hunt is going to test your mental and physical capabilities! With over 23 acres to search, you and your family are going to move!

Canada’s Largest Egg Hunt is a family-based event, meaning it encourages the participation of all the members of YOUR family regardless of age!

But we know that children under 3 do not always want to do what every other member of the family is doing (we’re parents too!), so we’ve created a separate area just for toddlers. Designed to include many of the same elements as the larger, all-ages event, the toddler area will be for children 3 and under and their parent or parents who want to experience all the fun of Canada’s Largest Egg Hunt on a smaller scale.