Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

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This event finished on 17 March 2019

Few books of any kind are as unique and have left such an imprint on culture as Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Beneath its surface blend of fantasy, nonsense, outlandish characters and a vivid dreamworld—an irresistible blend, especially for children—the book has a subterranean reach extending into the realms of philosophy, language, psychology and even mathematics. This has always made it an attractive text for other creative artists and choreographers are no exception.

The renowned British choreographer Christopher Wheeldon has brought his distinctive and imaginative sensibility to Carroll’s inimitable tale and created a ballet like no other. Merging his trademark neo-classical style with the wild variety of movement afforded by Carroll’s characters, Wheeldon, along with composer Joby Talbot and set and costume wizard Bob Crowley, has shaped a visual and choreographic extravaganza that appeals to both children and adults. Lavish, startling, hilarious and boldly original, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a theatrical celebration of the liberating power of one of the great texts of childhood—and of all time.