Rooks to Cooks Virtual Academy – July

Event Details

Take a virtual cooking class just for kids with Rooks to Cooks! These four-week courses are inspired by Ontario curriculum guidelines to help your child gain academic knowledge while learning hands-on cooking and baking skills and socializing with new friends.

Programs are offered via the virtual classroom on Zoom. Recipes are carefully selected to ensure ingredients are inexpensive, accessible, and easily substitutable. All recipes have vegetarian alternatives.

Class Options

There are four classes to choose from in July:

Foods of the World: Learn about new foods and flavours from around the world. Explore different cultures and cuisines, and learn more about history and geography related to the recipes kids will create.

Brilliant Bakers: A hands-on baking course to equip your child with industry-tested pastry knowledge and skills as well as real-world applications of math!

The Breakfast Club: Master the foundations and preparation of breakfast foods…far beyond basic eggs! Learn sweet and savoury breakfast recipes that will inspire and encourage independence and self-sufficiency.

Signature Sweets: A master class with founder and CEO, Chef Shai Mandel. Learn to make eight of her most prized pastry recipes.


  • registration required
  • classes meet once per week for 1.5–2 hours; various days and time slots available
  • 8 spots per class
  • ideal for ages 10 and up; parental supervision recommended for ages 9 and under
  • $100–$140 per 4-week class