The Princess Knight: The Legend of Kate and Timmy

This event is running from 3 February 2018 until 25 February 2018. It is next occurring on February 3, 2018

In the kingdom of Faraway, everyone has a role to play. Kate is supposed to be a (stereotypical) princess and Timmy is supposed to be a (stereotypical) knight. But Kate loves adventure and kicking butt (and doesn’t like dresses!) while Timmy loves diplomacy and solving problems peacefully.

When an villain appears, Kate and Timmy must combine their strengths and swap their roles to overcome intolerance—and trolls—in order to save the kingdom. Kate and Timmy show us that only you can decide who you’re going to be!

Runs February 3–25, 2018. Recommeded for ages 6+.

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