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Home Daycare. Educational program for 6m-3yrs


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  • CN

    My kids love it!!!! My two girls went to Eastbourne Daycare and we had a wonderful experience. The staff is warm and professional and they provide the children with a stimulating educational program. Because it is a small group, they don’t get sick so often and they .They are insured and it is a register business and you will get a tax-receipt. They are working all year around except for statutory holidays and 3 between Christmas and the New Year.
    They have a wonderful playground. I enjoy looking at the Art and Craft of the kids.

  • JD

    I had a very different experience with the daycare.

    First, a home daycare can be licensed or unlicensed. I did my homework prior to looking for a spot for my girl.
    My daughter stayed at the daycare for almost 2 years. Many children stayed at least a year and most surpassed the 2 years. As well, I know that siblings and nephews returned to the daycare. The teacher of my daughter has been at the daycare since the end of 2014 (and I think that she stayed until the end of 2018). I never had issues. My daughter was always happy to spend her day there. If there was an issue, the owner always listened and addressed it promptly. And she did inform us that the daycare would be closed between xmas and new year’s and that the rate accounted for that (which is also mentioned in the contract).

    The environment is bright and clean – looks exactly like in the photos. The daycare is well equipped and the food they prepare is no different from what you would cook yourself for your child.
    Overall, I am very satisfied.

  • NA

    Here are a few issues :
    -Providers have no clear and forthcoming information on licensing i.e CPR and criminal background checks.

    -There is / were a number of caregivers changes (staff in their early 20’s) and we had expressed concerns over threat’s by caregiver to one of the kids “if you don’t behave you’ll have to stay here overnight alone”, I’ve overheard this when picking up on child. This was brushed away by Liza.

    -No set policy on bites and definitely not forthcoming about incidents. We had to find out by seeing teeth marks and blue marks on our son.
    When this was brought up to their attention, it was simply brushed off. This had occurred on more than one occasion.

    -Holidays closure, closed on not stat holidays (Christmas to NY brake and a few more) but you still have to pay the full monthly rate. Ultimately either take time off work or arrange for alternative care for that time.

    -Lastly, this is a basement, and single way of access is via stares there is no alternative way to escape in case of fire.

    This is my personal experience and i just wanted to share with other parents.