Event Details

At this Aga Khan exhibit (March–August 2020) 36 contemporary artists—including Mona Hatoum, Brendan Fernandes, and Ai Weiwei—meditate on the theme of sanctuary through the unexpected medium of traditionally woven rugs.

These arresting artworks challenge viewers to think about sanctuary in the context of conflict, mass migration, and the personal quest to arrive and belong. Shrouding the rugs will be a bespoke gallery design by MIT-based artist Dr. Azra Akšamija. Composed of more than 2,000 used t-shirts donated to the Museum, these waves of shredded fabric conjure images of temporary shelters and comment on the global impact of our buy-now-throw-away-later consumer culture.

A newly commissioned score by Afghan-American rebab master Qais Essar will construct a sonic landscape for visitors touring the space.