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279 Burnhamthorpe Rd, Etobicoke, ON M9B 1Z6, Canada
Cost: Paid Platform: Online and In-Person

COVID-19 Updates

Olivet School is open full-time as of September 2020. Safety and COVID protocols for the 2020/21 school year include reducing the number of students, capping our kindergarten classes at 16 students and our primary and senior classes at 10 students; providing each student with an Olivet School mask; and conducting ongoing COVID testing when children arrive each morning. Simultaneously, the school is preparing virtual lessons in case remote learning must be implemented.

About Olivet School

Founded in 1893, Olivet School is a private elementary school in Etobicoke for kindergarten through Grade 5.

Olivet School offers a caring environment, affordable tuition, small class sizes of 4–8 students per class, and a rich academic program taught with a foundation in character education based on Christian values that make sense.

The three key elements to Olivet’s philosophical approach are as follows:

Caring: Olivet teaches and nurtures qualities of safety, gentleness, innocence, kindness, gratitude, and integrity, which is achieved through loving, attentive teaching; intimate class sizes; and firm standards of behaviour.

Community: Olivet School is a community of families and educators. The school supports parental and family involvement and values the role of parents in raising principled children in an atmosphere of love and thoughtfulness.

Current Curriculum Integrated with Caring Christan Values: Virtues such as kindness to others are woven into everything at Olivet, and the current Ontario curriculum is followed within a context of how to use this knowledge to live a purposeful life.

“If you have been looking for elementary education combining top-quality teaching with special attention to not only the academic but also the emotional, social, physical and spiritual development of your child, then you will love Olivet School!”