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About Undercover Kids Amazing Spy Parties

Undercover Kids Amazing Spy Parties creates unforgettable parties for kids ages 6–9. Up to 12 kids go on a unique two-hour spy mission through the secret headquarters. A team of agents guide the junior spies through a mission full of puzzles, locked doors, bombs, and briefcases. Using secret-agent gadget props, each kid plays an integral part in the mission.

Sound effects, original music, lighting, and lasers immerse the kids in every suspenseful moment. The adventure concludes with the villain thwarted and a celebration. For extra effect, add on a spy-themed bomb cake and/or top-secret loot bags.

Give your child a unique birthday party experience they won’t soon forget.

“What we hear after every party: ‘This was the best party ever!'”

Spy Camps

New for summer 2020, full-week summer Spy Camps give kids a chance to learn to be a secret agent and try codebreaking, geo-caching, mapmaking, spy audio workshops, gadget-making, and more. Kids develop teambuilding skills as they plan and execute missions with their fellow campers! For ages 7–9.

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