Best Escape Games for Kids in Toronto and the GTA

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Escape rooms are fun, interactive puzzles where groups of participants are closed inside a themed room and then have to look for clues and solve a mystery together—usually within an hour—in order to win and successfully escape.

They’re all the rage these days, with new escape rooms opening seemingly every month. They can be booked for birthday parties or simply for a fun family outing. Not all escape rooms are appropriate for all ages, but below are some especially kid-friendly escape rooms in or near Toronto. Some have games geared just toward kids or custom kids’ birthday parties.

In most cases, the number of people required to book a room ranges from 4 to 10; prices are around $20–$25 per person and reduced rates for kids may apply. Put your minds to the test and try your best to escape!

COVID-19 Updates

Unless indicated otherwise, these escape rooms are open. Some have launched virtual games and parties for 2020. Be sure to review each location’s health and safety information before booking.

Captive Kids

In-person (Vaughan, Oakville, and Mississauga)

Created specifically for kids and families, this escape room is the perfect adventure for birthday parties and special occasions. There are two different experiences: Pieces of Eight, where you’ll be a band of pirates looking for Blackbeard’s treasure map, or Mr. Moody’s Ghost, where you’re looking for a stolen dinosaur egg in the famously haunted Moody estate. Minimum age: 7–12 years

Looking Glass Adventures

Virtual & In-person (The Danforth)

In this family-friendly escape game, you’ll be helping Ms. Maryweather, an archaeologist and explorer whose treasured artifacts are in danger of being stolen by her nemesis! It’s your job to search her mansion for her most prized possessions and protect them from her sinister opponent. Be sure to check out the other escape rooms offered here that are just as fun. They have two locations on the Danforth, so be sure you’re headed to the right one! Minimum age: Suitable for all ages (0–12 years)

Mysterious Minds

In-person (Downtown Toronto /The Annex)

Welcome to the Circus Hullabaloo! In the game The Hidden Treasure of the Grand Carnival, the ringmaster, Maurice Rousseau, mysteriously vanished six months ago, but his famous golden hat, worth millions of dollars, is rumoured to still be at the circus. It’s up to you and your fellow treasure hunters to find it. Minimum age: 6–12 years

Proxima Command

In-person (Downtown Toronto/The Annex)

Part video game, part escape room, Proxima Command is a starship simulator that let’s you live out your Sci-Fi dreams. The challenge is learning how to operate the spaceship bridge controls and complete the mission in your allotted time. Minimum age: 10 years

Secret City Adventures

In-person (Midtown Toronto)

What location could be better for an escape-room adventure than Casa Loma, with its tunnels, turrets, and secret passageways? The Dragon’s Song, opened in 2019, a family-friendly fantastical quest with potions, knights, and, yes, dragons! Murdoch Mysteries is a missing-person mystery game based on the popular television show. Both are immersive—meaning you and your fellow players are the heroes and must get into character, along with actors, to solve the case or save the dragons. Minimum age: 8 years for The Dragon’s Song; 10 years for Murdoch Mysteries

Labyrinth Escape Games

In-person (Aurora)

You and your friends have stumbled across Merlin’s sanctum. The ancient wizard has collected many treasures and is now allowing you to come into his domain and take Excalibur for yourself. Will you be able to make it past all the puzzles and traps that guard this stunning artifact? Minimum age: 6 years (with adult)

Mission Possible Escape Rooms

In-person (Burlington)

Each room here has adjustable difficulty levels, which means kids have the chance to play all on their own in a room that is designed specifically for them! This means they can play with no adults in the room and solve the mystery all on their own. Minimum age: 10 years

Confundrum Escape Rooms

Virtual & In-person (Burlington)

This Burlington escape game designer has several family-friendly options, including an online game. One recommended option for beginners and families: Da Vinci’s Office, in which you must break into Leonardo Da Vinci’s office to find his secrets before being discovered.

Escape OK

In-person (Richmond Hill)

With a variety of rooms and scenarios, there is something for everyone at Escape OK. Their room Enchanted Circus is perfect for your next kids’ birthday party with a capacity of up to 10 kids and a very family friendly theme. Help the Circus Master get his hat back, or the circus will close forever! Minimum age: 6 years

Temporarily Closed

The following escape rooms are currently closed; check their website for updates.

Oshawa Escape Rooms

In-person (Oshawa)

Durham region’s premier escape room experience, Oshawa Escape Rooms has great family options for kids starting at age 8. They have a Harry Potter-themed experience as well as a “save the princess” beginner experience for the youngest in your group. Minimum age: 8 years


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