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Ready for an awesome experience that you’ll never forget? Funspree delivers unique experiences directly to your doorstep and picks them back up 4 or 11 days later. Funspree believes in the value of experiences over things, and that’s exactly what they offer—easy and affordable access to the gear you need to share memorable experiences with family and friends.

Funspree currently offers a wide range of experience packages. The Backyard Movie Night package comes complete with a 10-foot screen, projector, low-ride chairs, blankets, and an old-timey popcorn machine. The Tandem Paddleboards package will give you everything you need for a paddleboarding adventure with a friend—without the steep price of ownership. Other packages include Camping, Laser Tag, Italian Staycation, and Retro vs. Virtual Gaming. Visit the website for a full list of experiences and package details.


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