North American Premiere: Woogie Boogie

Event Details

This event finished on 20 May 2019

Woogie Boogie from BRUSH Theatre in South Korea makes its North American premiere at Toronto’s international children’s festival, Junior. This theatrical foray into the delightful world of doodling follows a lonely boy, Woogie, and his friend, Boogie, as they experience their first sea adventure when their troublemaking pet turtle drifts into the open water.

Using a big white board and black ink markers, the duo takes audiences on a journey, creating the mysterious creatures and places the friends encounter. As they draw and erase, the adventure takes shape. Live sound effects, stunning animation and artistry, along with an abundance of imagination bring this story to life.

Targeted to children and youth ages 4–14 and their families, Junior (May 18–24, 2019) challenges young people to explore new perspectives and ask enlightening questions in a live setting. The festival includes an extensive lineup of free and ticketed programming encompassing theatre, live concerts, dance, puppetry, circus, storytelling, arts and crafts and more, from leading family entertainers and artists from across Canada and around the world.