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Part of the charm of the annual Canadian National Exhibition is its ample offering of indulgent foods and outrageous culinary creations—and this year does not disappoint.

The 2015 CNE kicks off on August 21 and runs until September 7. Food vendors at this year’s CNE are continuing recent years’ them of deep-fried everything, as well as the quest for the ultimate burger.

Here are some of the most outrageous and over-the-top eats debuting at this year’s Exhibition.

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Deep-Fried Rice Pudding

Must-Try Foods 2015 CNE - Help! We've Got Kids
We’re really looking forward to sampling our favourite childhood dessert in deep-fried form, courtesy of Fran’s Restaurant. Also new this year is a Coffee & Donuts Milkshake as well as Chicken and Waffles Ice Cream. Look for them in the Food Building.

Poutine Balls

Must-Try Foods 2015 CNE - Help! We've Got Kids
If you thought the deep-fried butter was rich, just check out the Poutine Balls from Vienna. These little heart attacks consist of mashed potatoes stuffed with cheese curds that are deep fried and then smothered with gravy and even more curds. Brace yourselves, eh. Look for them in the Food Building.

Frosted-Flake-Battered Chicken On a Stick

Must-Try Foods 2015 CNE - Help! We've Got Kids
Exactly as the name suggests, this concoction from Iron Skillet Sirloin Tips is chicken battered in Frosted Flakes cereal that is then deep fried and served on a stick. A sweet and savory treat all in one portable form. Look for them in the Food Building.

Deep-Fried Red Velvet Oreos

Must-Try Foods 2015 CNE - Help! We've Got Kids
Making the best cookie ever even better, The Funnel Cake Shop dips this childhood classic in red velvet cake batter before deep frying and topping with cream cheese icing. Look for them in the Food Building.

Deep-Fried Cheesecake

Must-Try Foods 2015 CNE - Help! We've Got Kids
We’ve got Pickle Pete’s to thank for this ultra rich and decadent dessert—because deep-fried Mars bars are so 2012. Look for them in the Midway.

Corrado’s “S&M” Burger

Must-Try Foods 2015 CNE - Help! We've Got Kids
Jumping off of the popularity of the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise, Corrado’s Authentic Italian Cuisine created this spicy burger for those who like it hot. It features a homemade meatball patty topped with spaghetti, parmesan cheese and Corrado’s famous marinara sauce. Look for them in the Midway.

Bub’s Bad Boy Burger

Must-Try Foods 2015 CNE - Help! We've Got Kids
The Bad Boy Burger is the ultimate mash-up of all things yum. Bub’s Bad@ss Burgers has taken a spicy cheeseburger and honey garlic fried chicken and sandwiched them with a Jamaican beef patty with pepper jack cheese, wasabi cucumber, crispy hickory sticks, fresh tomato, Sriracha mayo, and buttermilk coleslaw. Have mercy! Look for Bub’s in the Food Building.

Bub’s Sumo Burger

Must-Try Foods 2015 CNE - Help! We've Got Kids
Another over-the-top creation from Bub’s, the Sumo Burger (pictured) is Asian-inspired and features two beef patties, tomato, lettuce, hoisin sauce, wasabi mayo, wasabi cucumbers, caramelized onions and chow? mein noodles on a sesame bun. Look for Bub’s in the Food Building.

More CNE Foods To Try:

Other wacky treats on offer this year include:
Tim Hortons’ Timbits Poutine in flavours such as Chocolate Lovers, Birthday Cake, Oreo, Cinnamon French Toast, and Chocolate Salted Caramel (Food Building)

Bloomin’ Apples (Billbrooke Concessions, Midway)

The World’s Largest Corndog (Iron Skillet Sirloin Tips, Food Building)

Chicken-Wrapped Waffle on a Stick (Chicken Waffle on a Stick, West end of the CNE grounds near the Press Building)

Garlic Snow Crab Fries (Jake’s Lobster, Food Building)

Poutine Grilled Cheese (Coffee Zone, Midway)

Baonana Splits (Far East Taco, Food Building)

Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Cheese sandwiches (Bacon Nation, Food Building)

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