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Our kids are smart chickens. They know all about what cows say, what chickens say and of course, what foxes say. But as die-hard city dwellers, we sometimes fear for our kid’s sense of where their food actually comes from.

Do they know that chicken doesn’t originate in a shrink-wrapped package in the chilled section of the grocer or butcher? Are they aware that vegetables sprout from the earth and fruit grows on trees (and that someone has to harvest them)? Do they know about farmers and the importance of the farming industry? Or have we somehow — unfortunately — shielded them from all this majesty, all these years?

It’s time for us city-folk to show these things and more to our kids…and we know just the place.

This year we are heading (en famille) to The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. There, we can show our kids the journey their food takes, from farm to table, in a way they can enjoy and comprehend at the A-MAZE-ing Food Journey. Then we can visit a petting zoo and the barns and see animals in their most natural state and appreciate them for more than just how they taste. And then maybe we’ll hit the Gallery and Cafe, where they’re featuring a 300 piece exhibit by Canadian naturalist and painter, Robert Bateman, who will be on site both weekends to discuss his art, and onsite November 6 to share his environmental perspective at For the Love of Food.


After all of that, we’re sure to be hungry, so we’ll likely check out any of The Royal’s seven onsite restaurants — High tea at The Royal Winter Gallery and Cafe, perhaps? Or maybe we’ll head to the food court to sample and buy fudge, apple dumplings and lamb on a bun. After we’ve satiated our clan, we will be in the mood for some shopping, so we will probably visit the vendors, featuring everything from cowboy boots to winter horse blankets. If the kidlets aren’t completely worn out at this point, we should definitely check out the horse show, the dog show and of course some dancing exhibitions.


All in all, it will be a fun, full, family-friendly day. Of course, even after all of the above, we’ve hardly made a dent in the day…so we might have to go again! Perhaps then we can at least put a dent in the 91 reasons to love the fair.

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

Tickets for the Fair are on sale NOW! Click here to purchase. And don’t forget to enter our contest to win passes for yourself and your family!


The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
Ricoh Coluseum and Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition Place (Click for directions)

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