Music Lessons at Home in Midtown Toronto (Piano, Voice, and Guitar)

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So you’re interested in music lessons for your child? Great! The benefits of music education for kids have been well documented, extending far beyond just musicianship to include improved academic performance, higher test scores, more emotional intelligence and self-confidence, and better language abilities and attention span.

That said, if you’re like most Canadian parents, you are already shuttling your child to at least one extracurricular activity outside of school and probably two or more. Then multiply that by the number of kids you’ve got and… How to possibly squeeze it all in?

Music lessons in your home can make at least one extracurricular activity totally doable, despite a busy family schedule. Featherstone Music is a school in central Toronto that offers in-home lessons in piano, guitar, and voice. It’s particularly excellent because, like a bricks-and-mortar music school, it has multiple teachers available (thirteen at this writing) who specialize in various instruments and musical styles. But because the teacher travels to your home for a private, one-on-one lesson, it’s also flexible and convenient.

Here are some reasons to consider piano lessons, guitar lessons, or other instrumental or voice lessons that come to you:


This one’s a no-brainer. Rush out to school pickup, sit in traffic, and race to a lesson while juggling dinner, bath, and homework versus head home where a music teacher arrives at your door? Obviously, the convenience factor of in-home music lessons can’t be beat. What a relief to have one activity that is actually easy! You and your child are more likely to stick to an activity that isn’t cumbersome to keep up.

And for parents who have quite enough to keep track of (thank you very much) with all the permission slips, wacky hair days, and envelopes filled with pizza money, the fact that with an in-home lesson there’s no chance you’ll forget an instrument or sheet music is another legitimate bonus.

Rapid Progress

Kids are comfortable and relaxed in their own home, which can give them a bit of extra confidence when learning something new. In the case of piano they’ll be playing on the same instrument at lessons as for practice, which is easier for a beginner. Both of these things help kids progress more quickly with an instrument than they might in a studio setting. Students are also more likely to make significant progress quickly when they get private instruction.

Quality Instructors

All music teachers at Featherstone Music are highly educated, experienced, and engaging—meaning they emphasize making music fun! All teachers specialize in their instrument(s) and include graduates of the University of Toronto, Toronto Opera School, and the Royal Conservatory of Music, as well as Ontario certified teachers and professional musicians. They are skilled in helping kids achieve individual goals, including Royal Conservatory of Music exam preparation for Grades 1–8.

Individual Lesson Plans

Teachers at Featherstone Music are carefully hand-picked for each child to match his or her learning style, pace, and goals—whether they dream of playing professionally someday or are just interested in learning their favourite pop songs. Since lessons are private and one-on-one, teachers can work with a child’s musical interests, in any musical style.

The ultimate goal is for each child to develop a lifelong love of music and to help them along on their own personal musical journey.

Interested in learning more? Contact Featherstone Music to learn more about in-home lessons in piano, guitar, and voice.

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