Awesome Animal-Themed Birthday Party Places for Toronto Kids

Birthday Parties

The funny antics and gentle nature of our animal friends can really brighten up the day. So why not make your child’s special day one that centres around animals?

These kids’ birthday party places in Toronto specialize in animal-themed birthday parties for your child’s special day. A couple are venues that don’t have official birthday party facilities, but are still perfect for the animal-loving birthday child. For city kids used to seeing mostly squirrels and raccoons, it can be a great experience sharing their birthday with goats, horses, tigers, pythons, or cuddly bunnies and talkative parrots.

Here is a round-up of fun places in the city to host your child’s animal themed birthday party.

Note that prices may not include HST.

Pawsitively Pets

Pawsitively Pets team members educate and entertain the birthday group with their gang of rescue pets including parrots, reptiles (snakes, geckos, tortoises, and more), and “furry friends” like rabbits, hedgehogs, and chinchillas. Kids decorate picture frames to hold the photo of their animal experience.

Cost: $375 for up to 15 children
Location: 125 Brentcliffe Rd., 2nd Floor, Toronto


Kids get to experience an exclusive, live interactive reptile show and then explore the zoo as long as they want. Meet alligators, pythons, monitors, snapping turtles, and many more of the reptiles, amphibians, and arachnids that are housed at Reptilia.

Cost: From $299 for up to 20 guests
Location: 11 River St., Toronto

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Toronto’s only aquarium, Ripley’s Aquarium provides a pizza party with theme decor, a craft, loot bag, and photo for their birthday specials, while the kids can also explore the aquarium and celebrate with over 20,000 “fishy friends”, from Ray Bay to Planet Jellies, Rainbow Reef to Dangerous Lagoon.

Cost: $500 for up to 16 guests
Location: 288 Bremner Blvd., Toronto

Riverdale Farm

Toronto’s downtown working farm provides a room for birthday parties, with a children’s playroom that has farm-related books and toys. Everyone is also welcome to explore the barns and pens, with farm animals including horses, cows, goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits, and more to meet. The birthday room is not available in July or August.

Cost: $211.80 for up to 60 people; add $80 for a 30-minute private animal demo
Location: 201 Winchester St., Toronto

Toronto Humane Society

As part of their “humane education”, the Toronto Humane Society offers birthday parties in which the birthday group takes a behind-the-scenes guided tour of the Humane Society and has a visit with approved shelter animals.

Cost: $300 or $425 (depending on package) for up to 20 guests
Location: 11 River St., Toronto

Toronto Zoo

Kids can explore the Toronto Zoo and discover more about the many wild animals housed there, have fun at the Splash Island water play area, and enjoy the family entertainment at the Waterside Theatre. Rental of the Conservation Club is included for your birthday party venue.

Cost: $197.75 for up to 60 guests; includes discounted admission to zoo (other options and additions available)
Location: 125 Brentcliffe Rd., 2nd Floor, Toronto

Black Creek Pioneer Village Farmyard

Kids can pet and snuggle some rare and heritage breed farm animals at Black Creek Pioneer Village. Then they can explore the village and discover what it may have been like to live in Ontario more than 100 years ago, through historic actors and hands-on experiences. There are no official party packages available, so this is a DIY party location.

Cost: admission $15 for ages 15 and up, $11 for ages 5–14 (and ages 0–4 for groups of 20 or more); 15% discount per person for groups of 20 or more
Location: 1000 Murray Ross Parkway, Toronto

High Park Zoo

High Park Zoo houses such animals as capybaras, bison, wallabies, and yaks. And, with a pool, splash pad, two large playground areas and a Children’s Garden, as well as picnic areas throughout, High Park offers plenty of options for a birthday party. This is a DIY party location. Contact Toronto Parks and Recreation online or by phone at 416-396-7378 to get a permit for a party with more than 25 people or to reserve a picnic shelter.

Cost: Free; City of Toronto permit $89 for up to 200 people
Location: Deer Park Rd., High Park, Toronto

Parties That Come To You

These aren’t party places, but rather animal specialists that have created kids’ party packages that come to you, either at your home or a third-party venue. But it’d be a mistake not to mention them here, since they offer some pretty cool animal-themed parties for kids.

Animal Ambassadors

Each birthday party session from Animal Ambassadors (45 minutes or 60 minutes) includes a wide variety of animals: birds, mammals, reptiles, and more. Choose from four party themes, including Care of Magical Creatures for Harry Potter fans, with up to 10 “magical” animals including owls, dragons (lizard species), snakes, and basilisks; or Pocket Pets—a great options for younger kids—with small rabbits, hedgehogs, doves, and pet-size snakes. Cost: From $195

Hands On Exotics

This animal shelter that specializes in the care of exotic animals offers themed party packages (Jurassic Adventure, Explore Africa, etc.) where kids can meet rescued exotic and wild animals (most are former pets) and learn about biology, conservation, and responsible pet ownership. The family of animals changes, but currently Hands On Exotics has macaws, chinchillas, skunks, a python, lizards, a blue-tongued skink, a lynx, a caiman, lemurs, tarantulas, and more. Cost: From $225

Find more animal-themed party places in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area and/or animal-themed parties that come to you.

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