Camp Tamakwa

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Camp Tamakwa, Algonquin Park, ON, Canada
Platform: In-Person Only

About Camp Tamakwa

Camp Tamakwa provides a unique life experience for children. In operation since 1936, it takes great pride in the never-ending progress to meet the needs of campers and fulfill the expectations of parents.

Founded in Ontario’s pristine Algonquin Park, Tamakwa offers a well-rounded outdoor program. Physically, the Algonquin camp facility is in totally restored refurbished condition. Tamakwa is an intimate Algonquin camp where everyone knows each other. Cabin groups are purposely small. Above all, Tamakwa is known for its spirit. Singing, cheering, campfires and traditional camping values are the mainstays of our Algonquin camp life. These values provide an important balance to the highly technological lifestyles of modern-day urban children.

In addition to offering one of the most diversified outdoor recreational programs available, Tamakwa stresses the development and growth of campers both individually and collectively in a close-knit cabin group.

Ease into overnight camp with one of the camp’s introductory sessions. Choose from the 1 Day Tamakwa Teaser, Mini Weekend Session, 2-week session, or Family Camp Weekend.

Come experience Camp Tamakwa’s 80+ years of rich tradition, history and unparallelled camp spirit!