Character and Game Design with Alyssa Wongso

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This event finished on 17 April 2018

Have you ever wondered how artists and animators create characters for movies and games? Learn how to design your own character based on real life or fantasy — and the techniques to bring them to life! If your dream job is to be an animator or video game artist, this is the beginner course for you! Ages 12 and up.

Cost: $288.80 + HST


8 week course outline:
Week 1: Introduction: What is Character Design? Explore the creative process and start your very own original character designs.

Week 2: Demo: how to draw bodies, proportions, and actions.

Week 3: Character Design Development

Week 4: Colouring Techniques + Final Design

Week 5: Exploring Facial Expressions

Week 6: 3D Modelling demo and character rotation drawings

Week 7: Character rotation drawings continued

Week 8: Designing accessories for the character (weapons, garments, magical items, etc).

By the end of the course, students should have a good understanding of the process of character and game design, and take home original character designs.