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Kids’ birthday party entertainers, party rentals, and corporate event entertainment available throughout Toronto and surrounding areas of Southern Ontario.

Book character-themed parties, clowns, magicians, bubble shows, “wacky” science shows, face painters, balloon twisters, and more.

KRM offers magicians, mascots, costumed characters (princess and superheroes, Santa, Easter Bunny, and more), clowns, caricature artists, balloon artists, face painters, puppet shows, animal and reptile shows, wacky science shows, Bubblemania bublle shows and themed party packages for a start-to-finish party: princess parties, superhero parties, Jedi-training parties, pirate parties, break-dancing parties, and more.

Party rental options include: inflatables and jumping castles (bouncy castles), popcorn machines, snow-cone machines, candy floss (cotton candy) machines, bubble machines.

Prices are very affordable and KRM can help you find a party option that fits your budget.


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  • Sharon

    Thanks for the reviews; based upon the bad reviews I will NOT be hiring this company for my child’s birthday!

  • Rashi

    I would really like to warn the public about this company. Our program required them to turn up at 10 am at my child’s daycare, and a second staff was supposed to arrive at 10:30. At the request of the daycare this staff was requested to have their police clearance emailed to us, which the company refused. They promised though that the staff will carry it on their person as they are not allowed to email it to anyone (See picture#2 in my google review). So I had it in writing that they will bring it with them on the morning of the event. Their staff rolled into the parking lot at 10:05am and was ready to perform 30 minutes late! And then he whispers into my ear and told me that this is supposed to be a 30 minute performance (it was a 45 minute performance , see picture #1 in my google review). I and the teachers kept asking him for a police cert. but he just breezed it aside and started performing. At 10:45 I asked him to produce the police clearance or he cant continue as per ministry policy. He stomped out, and asked me to call the Company to email it. Which they did, at 10:46, something that could have been done the friday prior to avoid all this headache. They had initially refused to email it , saying that he will carry it on his person, and he didnt carry it. And then he started performing without producing it first. As many of you are aware, policies regarding the safety of our children are very strict nad they are in place for a reason and he decided to flout them.
    Then when he said he will change into the second person’s costume, thats when I learnt the second person is not coming! Because he/she couldnt find their police check. So this company hires people to perform for little children, whose police clearances they dont have! And then he spent 30 minutes in the washroom, on and off his phone, and at 11 am he left, telling me that he was waiting for me to tell him to come out! He blamed the day care for being disorganized. His company representative on the phone told me they emailed me and called me, and the daycare a number of times, to tell me that the second person wont be coming! But they have no proof of making those phone calls or sending those emails.
    They said they asked me for an email to the daycare – if they are asking me for the daycare’s email address, how can they have sent the daycare an email in the first place? But no, they didnt even ask me for an email to the daycare for the purpose of sending them the police record. So all these good reviews about are flukes. AND PLEASE believe the bad reviews. They make up stories to put the blame on the customers, so that they can justify their non sense. They should be shut down as they dont have staff with proper police clearances. And the lady on the phone was blaming me for being rude. Of course I will be rude when my son’s birthday was been ruined and I have been embarrassed in front of his teachers!
    Their visiting staff started blaming the teachers for being disorganized and not picking up their phone – and thats when I asked him to get out. How could he blame the daycare and say anything against the teachers who were nothing but supportive- just to cause hurt and insult to my son’s teachers. And then he lied that he has been to this daycare before and they should have just had his police clearance.
    PLEASE DONT HIRE THEM based on the few good reviews. THere are so many other cheaper companies out there… with good reviews. We parents really care about our children’s wellbeing and the schools they visit, so when we leave a bad review, its not out of revenge, but to warn other parents of scammers and scum like these. We do it so you dont suffer like we have, because we have nothing to gain, we are not getting our refund back or anything after this. But please pay heed, please stay away, no matter what reply they write and what stories they make up. I have proof as pictures, they dont!

  • Dahlia

    Wow! amazing Magician and accommodating staff… I called up Saturday morning in a huge panic because the company I booked my entertainment with canceled on me at the last minute. When speaking to Tammy from KRM Children’s Entertainment she was very sympathetic to my situation. She arranged to have a Magic Dave entertain at my daughter’s baptism…He was funny and all the kids and adults enjoyed his show. I have some great pictures I would love to post but I do not think this site allows it. I would highly recommend KRM *5

  • Annie

    Stay Away – in the business of not showing up and keeping deposits. Supposed to show for 1 called at 2 to say they couldn’t come. Apparently if I want my deposit back I have to take them to court.

  • Julia Tomson

    We just celebrated our daughter’s First Birthday and invited Barb and Bert to entertain kids. The show was simply AMAZING. These guys were very friendly and interactive, they involved all kids and even adults into the show. The Bubble tricks were amazing and made my little one’s Birthday really memorable.
    A HUGE plus is these guys were able to fit into very limited space and the show worked out really well.
    The entertainers were very punctual and easy going. All our guests were asking for their contacts!
    I would highly recommend the KRM company to all my family and friends because these guys know what to do when it come to Children’s Party.
    Overall, the quality of the KRM’s service is very high and the price is really affordable.
    A big THANKS to Teresa, she did a great job and helped me with booking.
    Thank you very much guys from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing party. We will definitely contact you soon!

  • Ren

    Caution: Never hire entertainers from KRM children’s entertainment co.

    I made the mistake of hiring their services for a bubble show / animal balloon and face painting.

    Did not show up at the time the show was intended to start.
    Did not bother calling to inform that they were late .
    When I called to check the owner of the company was so rude and after checking where her staff was , she said “ Yours is not the only party they are doing . They have many shows so they might be late”.
    After all the argument we had I lost it but still was polite .
    She had the nerve to tell me “ You know what , I’m not gong to send my entertainers and will keep your deposit of 150$ “ She then hung up on me.

    She disconnected her phone thereafter . I was left hanging not knowing what to do.
    Her entertainers showed up finally after 1/2 an hour.
    Made us empty my candy buffet table in the middle of the event and make space for them instead of organizing it themselves .
    Left with a big mess.
    All the tables moved had to be re arranged by us.
    The show was okay.
    She made sword balloons and threw them on each kid rudely. When my girl asked for a red balloon. She said “ You get what you get “.
    I had to ask her to give her the red balloon.

    Finally her other helper was apparently supposed to be a Face painter was a joke.
    The kids were so angry they just went to their parents to get their paints off.
    The entertainers were so unprofessionally dressed as well.

    250$ For an hour paid for this joke.
    Apparently I’m not the only one with this issue . I realized many clients were unhappy after I researched and got feedback from other s. Was too late for me .

  • Berry

    Barb and Bert were our Bubblelogists for son’s baptism in October and they were absolutely fantastic.

    They performed some cool bubble tricks with fire and smoke. All my guest LOVED when they got to be inside a mega large bubble! Peppa and George Pigs were a huge hit, we ended up keeping them for double the time because none of the kids wanted them to leave.

    All the performers from KRM Children’s Entertainment Company were polite and punctual and definitely made our child’s baptism a memorable one.

    All the staff at KRM Children’s Entertainment Company were easy to work with and very helpful when answering questions and concerns.

    We are going to refer them to all our family and friends who require kids party services for any upcoming events.

  • Fred

    Used KRM Children’s Entertainment Company for my daughter’s 6th party and they were AMAZING!!! Barbar and Bert did incredible fire, smoke, and other bubbles tricks and kept all the kids engaged and adults through the show. My daughter and her friends LOVED the experiences of being inside a big bubble. I highly recommend this Bubblemnia package to all parents who kids love playing with bubbles.

  • Laura

    Awesome bubble show! everybody loves it. I know my son and his’ friends did not want the show to end. Jeff and Randi did incredible bubble tricks and looked like they had has much fun as the audience.I would highly recommend booking BUBBLEMANIA great package and performers!

  • Ann

    Big THANK YOU to KRM Children’s Entertainment Company and there exceptional staff. What can I say…”Balloons, face painting a magic show and an appearance from Mickey…what more can a child ask for”! Great job for making my children’s birthday so magical. This one will be hard to top!