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Why would parents need private transportation for their kids to schools, activities, or events? Well, first of all, as a parent you are probably in perpetual motion, driving kids here, there, and everywhere. It’s exhausting. But logistically speaking, sometimes there is a conflict—more than one sibling needs to be somewhere at the same time—or maybe you work long hours but want your child to benefit from a right-after-school program that’s offsite, or you simply have your own plans (it can happen!). Also, kids can only ride the school bus until Grade 5, unless they get special dispensation, which is still a bit young to travel around the city alone.

If you don’t want to rely on TTC or other public transit or feel your child is too young to navigate the streets on their own, these companies offering door-to-door private transportation for kids—each with impeccable safety records, experienced drivers, and safe vehicles for children (and in some cases car seats and boosters)—can be a huge help.

All of these companies can be booked directly by parents for individual child transport—as opposed to chartered bus companies that book only through organizations like schools and youth groups.

Children on the Go

Owner/operator Alan Foulkes provides door-to-door transportation to school and for after-school programming via passenger van, guaranteeing that kids are buckled in for the trip. Booster seats are provided if necessary.

Contact: or 416-725-5430

Kids Limo

Kids Limo, based in Richmond Hill, provides personalized door-to-door services, promising to pick up or drop off children from specific rooms, teachers, locations, or individuals. They also provide on-call and “emergency” transportation.

Contact: or 416-368-KIDS

Kids on Wheels

Kids on Wheels caters to all children, including those with special needs and requirements, for their transportation demands. They also work with local businesses and schools to provide transportation.

Contact: or 647-224-2879


A range of kids transportation options for short and long range trips is what KidskoolTrans offers. They will deliver children directly to their teacher or caregiver, for person-to-person service.

Contact: or 416-319-1581

Let’s Buggy

Let’s Buggy provides pre-scheduled, door-to-door rides for children to various destinations. They will provide parents with instant notifications and live map tracking, for peace of mind.

Contact: or 1-855-44BUGGY

SevenKids Transport Canada Inc.

SevenKids’ drivers transport children to any event or program in their minivans. They are experienced with driving children and have been screened and trained to meet the SevenKids standards. And SevenKids will take last minute calls.

Contact: or 416-546-4488

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