Taking Charge! Financial Literacy Month at the Bank of Canada Museum

Event Details

This event finished on 24 November 2019

November is Financial Literacy Month. Come and join a four weekends of FREE games and crafts aimed at showing your kids the importance of budgeting, saving and smart spending. Taking charge of finances was never so much fun.

November 2 and 3 – Avatar market
Build an avatar puppet. from a selection of decorations—but choose your decorations carefully to fit your budget!

November 4 to 15 – “Spend, save and share” piggy bank
Construct a piggy bank that helps organize savings for three different goals.

November 16 and 17 – Pets on a budget
Make your own tiny pet and plan a budget to keep it healthy.

November 23 and 24 – Financial trivia
Test your knowledge of spending, borrowing, saving and the Bank of Canada. There will be prizes!