Get Creative With Roblox Part 1 – Ages 7–10

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Roblox is an extremely popular game platform and game engine with kids of all ages. This beginner-level, five-week online class introduces kids to Roblox Studios where they can create their own games.

In Part 1, kids can customize Roblox characters, test drive cars or spaceships, and work in the Roblox terrain builder to sculpt their own landscapes, islands, and racetracks – essentially design their own unique game world!

Part 2 (beginning in November) introduces some Lua coding, in small incremental steps. The sense of accomplishment that young people experience when they can change things in a game with code is often amazing!

Skill Level: Beginner
Skill Development: Coding, Logical Thinking, Game Design, Creativity
Requirements: see website


Sep 30–Oct 28 (Wednesdays)
3–5 pm ET