City of Vaughan – Virtual P.A. Day Programs

Event Details

Celebrate the month of love —from a distance—by joining the City of Vaughan’s Virtual P.A. Day Programs on Monday, February 1.
Recreation instructors will livestream programs for children ages 5-12 via Zoom.
There’s so much to fall in love with! Put the ‘art’ in heart as you create DIY Valentine’s Day crafts to gift your loved ones.
Build a birdhouse and edible bird feeder that will have birds flocking to your backyard. 
Solve riddles and brain teasers.
Design and build LEGO models in a timed, group competition – then vote on your favourite design to be featured on Instagram!
Take the first ‘step’ to becoming a ballerina, try karate training, or do some sport and bodyweight exercises.
Plus, signing telegrams, heart Bingo and other love-themed activities for individuals with special needs.
Virtual P.A. Day programs are one hour in length and cost $15. Register at