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We want to make sure the kiddies are outside, enjoying themselves this summer, so we’re going to try to entice them with even just one of these amazing, super cool toys. Actually, these super cool toys might entice us to get outside and play with them!


 Badminton/Volleyball Set

Badminton and Volleyball Set:

A game of badminton or volleyball in the backyard (or on the beach, or at the cottage) is a great way to get the gang together and kill some time. This set is great for both and is easily transportable.

Stats Badminton/Volleyball Combo Set, $49.99. Available at


Monster Bubbles Monster Bubbles:

Monster Bubbles makes huge bubbles (hence the name). This set comes with a bubble-making machine as well as 4oz. of tear-free bubble solution.

ALEX Toys Active Play Monster Bubbles, $12.84. Available at


Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker:

Probably one of the fastest ice cream makers ever; it makes a single serving of ice cream in approximately 12 minutes. This might not be the best way to have fun with the family, but rather a perfect way to enjoy the evening after the fun has ended…alone…with your ice cream.

Hamilton Beach 1/2 Pint Soft-Serve Ice Cream Maker, $36.99. Available at


Hula Hoops Hula Hoops:

Hoola Hooping is sweeping the nation once again. These Ninja hoops fold to the size of a yoga mat and pop open with a shake! Their portable nature makes them great for traveling – whether to a tropical paradise, a festival, or a hoop jam on the other side of town.

Well-Rounded Hoops’ Collapsable Ninja Hula Hoop, $70.00. Available at



Underwater Video Camera Mask Underwater Mask:

If you have a pool or lake to plop into, you can capture underwater memories totally hands-free. Perfect for snorkeling or a day at the pool, this digital swim mask includes a 5.0 MP camera for shooting photos or videos at a depth of up to 15 feet.

Underwater Video Camera Mask, $116.64. Available at



 Year Round Sled Year-Round Sled:

This all-season sled sends riders down slopes both during frigid winter and hot summer days. What better way to spend a warm day at the park then plummeting down hills…?

The Year ‘Round Sled, $49.95. Available at


Nerf Super Soaker Arctic Shock Nerf Super Soaker Arctic Shock:

A water gun is great for hot days…but this one is amazingly unique in that it allows you to add ice to the drum for a freezing blast of water.

Nerf Super Soaker Arctic Shock, $29.99. Available at


Heater Big League Pro Baseball Soft Toss Machine Pitching Machine:

The perfect “toy” for anyone who loves baseball or softball, this will throw to the kids non-stop, while you relax on the sidelines with your feet up and a drink in hand.

Heater Big League Pro Baseball Soft Toss Machine, $89.99. Available at

Crayola 3D Chalk

3-D Chalk:

Kids bored with the usual boring old 2-D sidewalk chalk? Wow them with 3-D chalk! Set includes 4 sticks of giant dual-colored chalk, 2 pairs of plastic 3-D glasses and an instruction book.

Cryola 3D Giant Chalk Set, $11.95. Available at


Children's Tipi Tipi:

Is it a playhouse? A tent? A perfect sleepover spot? Tipi’s are all of these and more. Set this up in your backyard this summer and you will be the toast of your neighbourhood.

Children’s Backyard Tipi, $174.00 – $287.00. Available at

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