Disaster Prep? There’s An App For That!

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We are prepared people. We make lists of lists of lists. We have calendars everywhere (including a Google Cal for our kids activities). We keep our purses stocked with tissues, snacks and quarters and we always know where we’re supposed to be and when.


Well…we do most of the above most of the time anyway. Even still, we consider ourselves fairly well-organized and on top of things. But — are we prepared for a disaster…?


Now we are, thanks to this helpful app!


In the event of an emergency or a disaster, it can take emergency responders hours or even days to reach us, depending on where we live and what the emergency is. The Canadian Red Cross encourages Canadians to know the risks in their communities and to have an emergency preparedness kit that allows each household to be self-sufficient for the first 72 hours of an emergency or disaster situation.

But how do we know what to put into our kit? Well, that’s simple, The Canadian Red Cross has an app for that! Using their new Facebook app is simple: just drag and drop the items you already have an the app will calculate how prepared you are, according to how many adults, kids and animals are in your home. The app will generate a downloadable list of what items you need so that you can put together your own emergency preparedness kit for your home.


Now…if we could just remember where we put the flashlights after the last power outage…

The Red Cross Emergency Preparedness Facebook App

Red Cross Canada

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