Time to Rebel Against Kids’ Unrecognizable Art


Our kids are crafty. They draw, colour, paint and build. There are always boxes of crayons, piles of paper, containers of stickers and bottles of glue ready at hand. Our craft bin at home is overflowing with pieces of fabric, sequins, paints and ribbons. Like we said, our kids are crafty.

And although we adore pretty much everything our kids make with their own two hands, we’ve got a stack of drawings, a bin of macaroni necklaces and tree ornaments and a drawer stuffed with abstract art (“Mama, I painted you!”…”Oh, great, …I’m a blob”). So we’re hoping they’ll branch out a little this year and make us something a little more…recognizable.

That’s where Dara Frydman, owner of Designher Co. comes to our artistic rescue. With a stylish new studio at Bathurst and St. Clair, Designher Co. offers a long-awaited antidote to macaroni necklaces and other unrecognizable art with exciting 6-week sessions in which designer DIY projects include handcrafted jewelry and accessories, unique games and toys, embroidered stationery – each one high-quality and gift-worthy.

In addition to high-end craft classes, Designher Co. will open its stylish space for birthday celebrations, bachelorette parties, bridal and baby showers, as well as school break and summer camps.


Designher Co.
1380 Bathurst Street

Twitter: designherco
Facebook: designherco

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