Coffee and Crafts – What Could Be Better?


As busy parents most of us can appreciate the wonders of coffee to help give us that much needed boost to keep going through our days. Between carpooling, after school activities, full time jobs, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, homework and snuggles, it can be hard to sneak a (guilt-free) quiet moment for ourselves with the little ones in tow. Sitting uninterrupted at a trendy coffee shop delving into the latest mystery novel or catching up with good friends over a hot cup of joe is just a distant memory.


These days if we want to enjoy a cup of coffee at our favorite coffee house we have to contend with impatient (read: bored) little ones, strollers in tight places and looks from strangers if the kidlets get a little rambunctious. In fact, it can seem that grabbing that quick moment of peace and quiet is more stressful than relaxing.


Thankfully one local Toronto company has created a space that is not only relaxing — and has gourmet coffee and treats — but also a place where a little rambunctiousness is encouraged!


RedFish BlueFish Creative Cafe is a cozy, creative oasis; a sanctuary for new moms and dads, a place where parents, caregivers and kids can have a snack, make a craft, reconnect and share a smile.


Found in the vibrant heart of the Annex, children and their adult companions can drop by for some seriously delicious coffee, a tasty treat or a healthy lunch. Join a class upstairs, or just hang out and play a game. Their free craft table is always fully stocked and ready for your little one’s latest creation!


RedFish BlueFish offers unique children’s programming such as yoga, languages, drama and fashion design. You can join your wee one for some mid-afternoon meditation on your matching yoga mats, or send the little tot upstairs while you connect with other parents in the neighbourhood – or catch up on work if you’re not ready to completely unplug.


There is something for everyone at RedFish BlueFish. Whether you’re there to connect, to create, or to find stillness in your day, you will be met with smiling faces, happy kids, and are sure to leave with a crafty creation to hang on your fridge along with a wee bit of tranquility.

RedFish BlueFish Creative Cafe

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