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These itty-bitty (in size but not in desirability) gifts are perfect for stockings, the 10 days of Hanukkah or even as present toppers. Take inspiration from us and buy presents for yourself and daddy, too (or have him buy for you and you him). That way everyone will get to open some small but nice gifties on over the holidays!

Gifts for Babies

Give those little angels a dose of holiday magic with these perfect pint-sized finds.

Bath Toys
Surfs up in the bathtub! Fill them up. Pour them out. Watch the water trickle out the tiny holes on their sea creature heads. Mix and match their parts to create new underwater species. Bonus: They’re soft and flexible, sort of like real fish. But hopefully less stinky.
Boon Creatures Bath Toy Cup Set, $14.99. Available at

Sophie the Giraffe
Sophie the Giraffe has been safely cuddled and chewed for more than 50 years. She is soft, light, easy to grasp and fits perfectly into little hands. She even makes a happy sound when squeezed. Babies especially love her bumpy head to soothe their teething gums.
Vulli Sophie the Giraffe, $22.95. Available at

New Read
We’ll make their eyes light up with a great book that we won’t mind reading over and over again. This hungry caterpillar is great for babies and kids, and will stay in their library for years to come.
Very Hungry Caterpillar, $11.40. Available at

Soothing Scents
We know everyone loves babies even more when they smell nice, so this adorable turtle is really a gift for everyone.
Taslie Natural 3-in-1 Turtle Shampoo and Body Wash, $12.99. Available at

All Natural Soother
Since we know everything they touch goes into their wee, brand new mouths, an organic natural toy is perfect for the newest of babes this year.
Ringley Natural Organic Teething Toy, $14.95. Available at

Alien Onesie
This 100% cotton, oh-so-soft alien-print onesie is oh-so-cute. Since we already feel as though they are sometimes complete aliens, this onesie won’t throw us off at all.
Babybot Alien Print Onsie, $32.00 Available at

Gifts for Little Girls

She’s smart, beautiful and oh-so-picky. We found five small, surefire prezzies for her anyway.

Socks for her Stocking
We know she loves herleopard print jeans, so why not get her some gorgeous socks to go with them? These are warm, comfy and gorgeous.
Leopard Knee Socks, $4.46. Available at

Here Comes Science
Because she sometimes drives us crazy with questions about why the sun shines and what our bodies are made up of, we might as well give in. And these songs are so catchy; we may find ourselves singing along.
They Might Be Giants Here Comes Science CD and DVD Set, $16.99. Available at

Cherries on Top
These perfectly beautiful hair elastics will be the cherry-on-top of all of her holiday outfits, school photos and more.
Cherries Hair Elastics, $9.95. Available at

Non-Toxic Polish
She may be too young for our nail polish, but why not get her her own, non-toxic polish (that you can “share”, too?
Hopscotch Kids Watercolours Safe Nail Polish, $13.50. Available at

Designer Dolls
Perfect to peek out the top of a stocking, these dolls are made with simple, homespun details, with an embroidered face and braided yarn hair.
Designer Dolls, $39.00 – $49.00. Available at

Gifts for Little Boys

Rough and tumble, shy and adorable, our boys are all those and everything in between, so it’s not hard to find them things that will make their eyes sparkle.

Big Foots
Now he can stomp around all day and growl at us (since he does it already) in these warm, fuzzy monster feet. Perfect for a cozy night snuggling on the sofa, with these on at least you won’t get a frigid foot in your side.
Boys Plush Footstep Monster Feet, $16.94. Available at

So Warm, But Oh So Cool Hat
This gorgeous monster hat is cool and warm at the same time. And even if he’s already got three or four, another one is always in order. Boys lose things all the time. Just ask his dad.
Red Monster Hat, $10.46. Available at

Percy Jackson & the Olympians / The Lightning Thief DVD
An accident -prone teenager who discovers that he’s actually a demigod, the son of Poseidon. This sounds just like our little man. And we’ll sit through it willingly since Pierce Brosnan and Uma Thurman just happen to be in it.
Percy Jackson & the Olympians / The Lightning Thief DVD, $10.00. Available at

Tagging Him
Because he has his own personality (and because he loses things all the time), a swagger tag is definitely in order. Water, weather and impact resistant, we might get one (or more) for each member of the family.
Swaggertag, $3.99 + shipping. Available at

The Gift You Know He’ll Love
Simply because you can never keep track of what tunes he likes, just plan on buying one of these cards each and every year.
iTunes Gift Card, $15.00 – $100.00. Available at

Gifts for Dad

Dads aren’t hard to shop for, even when they seemingly have everything; check out these five stocking stuffers he won’t scoff at.

For Our Big Boy Scout
Because dads like nothing more than to be prepared (were they all boy scouts at one time?!), this instant fire starter is something they might want to keep handy on camping trips…or even just long walks to the park.
Zippo Outdoor Line Emergency Fire Starter, $11.34 USD (plus shipping and exchange). Available at

iPod Nano
For his workouts, his subway trips and his moments when he just needs some time to tune out the world, dad gets an iPod Nano.
iPod Nano, from $129. Available at

His “Bestie”
Because no man who wears ties ever has enough of them, one more is always in order. This 100% silk tie is beautiful and will wow any room dad walks into.
Hugh Parson Tie, $55. Available at

Best Brag Book, Ever
We know dad has never been the type to brag, except when it comes to his gorgeous family. These professionally published personalized books are simple to make and show off his utterly amazing family, perfectly.
Blurb Books, from $6. Available at

For the dad who has almost everything, these hand crafted (from reclaimed skateboards!), stylish, eco-friendly cufflinks are a unique green-y turquoise colour and guaranteed to spruce up any outfit.
Eco-Friendly Skateboard Cufflinks, $35. Available at

Gifts for Mom

Whether we’re buying our own stocking stuffers or someone else gets our list, here are five items we’d love to see wrapped up this year.

Chocolate is always a good bet (isn’t it?). These miniatures hit the spot at snack time, coffee time, or even bed time.
Laura Secord Sweet Therapy Assorted Chocolates, $7.99. Available at

We keep lists way more than Santa does and we like to makes notes on something more stylish than paper napkins. This notebook will stash well in our purse and won’t look a mess when we pluck it out at meetings.
Paris Small Notebook, $12.50. Available at

For those Sunday mornings when a trip out for brunch just isn’t happening, we like to brew a huge pot of nice, strong, dark coffee and lounge with our family. This will do the trick and fits perfectly in our stocking.
Starbucks Whole Bean Christmas Blend Coffee, $18.50. Available online at

This 100% cashmere wrap will keep us cozy on more than a few cold winter nights. Plus, we love what the colour does for our eyes.
Banana Republic Cashmere Wrap, $150.00. Available at

Bath Bombs
More than just the gift of sweet smelling baths, this is the gift of time. The time for us to actually indulge in a bath ? without someone knocking the door down with an urgent need (or three) while we’re in there. Thank you.
Father Christmas Bath Bomb, $6.40. Available at

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