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We know time is at a premium during the time after school and before dinner. We know that you fill those hours (or hour) with homework and studying, music practice and swimming lessons. There are baseball drills and hockey practice, after school animation classes and drawing instruction. That time is precious and so short that dinner can often be something a little lack lustre.

That’s where Fresh Canteen comes to our taste buds’ rescue. Simply choose the number of recipes and servings you’d like and they will deliver the ingredients – right down to the salt. They use a refrigerated box so there’s not even any need to be home for the delivery and special instructions can be left with them on how the box should be delivered.

All meals have been crafted to use fresh, local and seasonal items and the recipes have been designed to guarantee you will be eating in thirty-five minutes from kitchen to table. Every week they can deliver 2-4 recipes from their weekly menu that gets updated every Saturday morning. The box includes simple to follow recipe cards that include step-by-step photo instructions on how to prepare the meals and their recipes typically take 35 minutes or less and don’t require any fancy equipment to prepare.

The average cost of a Fresh Canteen meal is $12.50 per person, per meal which ends up being about $78 a week for two people. Not bad, considering that Fresh Canteen takes care of both planning your meal and delivering everything you need to get it made. Two things we just don’t have time for anymore.

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