Shake Up Your Routine With These 6 Fun At-Home Events

Family Fun

We’ve been under social distancing restrictions now for almost 10 weeks. And while we are getting used to our new normal, there are things that we wish would come back into our lives sooner rather than later. From getting your hair done and having dinner at a restaurant to hugging your friends and family and leaving the house without a mask, we are all missing aspects of our lives.

And if we’re missing these things, just imagine how our kids are feeling. No matter their age, they aren’t as capable of understanding all the implications of the stay-home orders as we are. They are also missing things—their friends, parties, even school.

While we can’t give them everything they are missing, there are some fun ways we can recreate these experiences and events at home.

At-home movie theatre experience

Go full out and turn your home into a complete movie-going experience. Give your kids tickets and collect them at the “door”. Set up a concession stand with their favourite movie treats—pop some popcorn, pick up some of their favourite boxed candies, and have a variety of drinks to choose from.

Arrange the furniture in your “movie theatre” to really get the feel—add chairs, take away coffee tables, and make sure that everyone has a great view of the screen. Rent a new release—a lot of movies are being released on Youtube and Cineplex since they can’t be released in theatres. Most cost around $20.00 which is a lot less expensive than taking the whole family to the movies.

Plan a camp-out

If summer means camping in your family, it’s time to bring the camp out home.

Set up your tent in your backyard or living room, grab your sleeping bags, and get ready to enjoy a night under the stars. If you live without outdoor space, or the weather has sent you inside, grab some glow in the dark stars and put them in your tent or on your ceiling.

Plan a camp-out themed meal, with hot dogs and s’mores for dinner and your favourite campfire breakfast for when everyone wakes up in the morning.

Try to plan a few at-home versions of the things you love to do while camping. Set up the bath with some toys and let the kids go fishing. Tell spooky stories around a candle. Build a bird feeder and see which birds come to visit.

Zoom sleep-over

Weekend sleep-overs are on pause for the time being, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to bring your kids and their friends together for some overnight fun! Send out invitations, set up a Zoom call, and let your kids and their friends have a late-night hang out online.

Have all the kids come dressed in their pyjamas, set up an online board game, watch a movie together, or just let them hang out together and chat.

Virtual “after-school” activities 

Whether your kids are missing their dance, karate, music, or STEM after-school classes, there are online/virtual classes and programs available. We’ve rounded up all the best online classes, camps, and workshops, virtual field trips, and more! Take some time to look through the listings and find something that brings some excitement back to your kids.

Spa day

If you’re missing having your nails and hair done, your kid might also be in the need for a little pampering. Set up a spa day in your home complete with face masks, bubble baths, and manicures. If you are looking for a bit of help setting up your home spa, Glama Gal Kids Spa is offering curbside pick-up of their at-home kits. Plus they are now running virtual workshops and online spa parties!

Watch a concert

Music is so important during this time—it lifts us up, makes us feel great, and gives us an excuse to dance. Missing out on the line up of amazing summer concerts is a pretty big bummer, but thankfully there are a lot of concerts live streaming all summer that you can enjoy. Again take it to the next level—dim the lights at home, throw on a disco ball if you’ve got one, and pump up the volume!

We’re excited for YouTube’s “Dear Class of 2020” virtual commencement is happening June 6 with BTS, Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, Kelly Rowland and more. If you’re looking for more live concerts check out this Billboard article.

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