How To Celebrate the End of the School Year in 2020

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The school year is coming to a close and while this school year didn’t go exactly as planned, it’s still worth marking in some way. Most of us are over the moon that homeschooling is over for a few months and that alone is worth celebrating.

And while we don’t yet know what the future holds for September, it’s time to celebrate our kids for the resilient troopers they’ve been over the last four months. Whether your kids are graduating from high school, elementary school, middle school, or even kindergarten, there are some fun ways to celebrate everything they’ve accomplished this year.

Read on to find out our favourite 10 ways to celebrate the end of the school year in 2020.

Take a last-day-of-school photo

Especially if this is already a tradition in your house, it’s always great to see the first day and last day of school photos compared to each other. Take the photo wherever you usually take the picture, or if this is your first time, find a nice place near your home and snap a picture!

Hold a parade

If your child is graduating, why not hold a small parade in their honour? Much like a birthday parade, you can arrange to have friends and family drive by with signs, balloons, and cards to celebrate your graduate.

Have an ice cream party

When your kids log off of their last Zoom class, an ice cream party is a great way to celebrate! Whether you have a local shop that is doing safe pickup orders, or you put together your own ice cream bar at home, ice cream is a great way to start summer holidays and say goodbye to the 2019-2020 school year.

Create a summer bucket list

Put the school in your rearview mirror by getting your kids to make a summer bucket list. Sure, it won’t look the same as a typical summer, but there are tons of amazing activities that your kids can safely enjoy all summer long.

Camp out, backyard style

Grab your camping gear and welcome the summer with a fun backyard camp out. If you can, have a small bonfire, roast marshmallows, tell scary stories, and really embrace all the camping tropes we know and love.

Celebrate their big moments

Take a look back at everything your kids have achieved this year—maybe they got good grades, made new friends, joined a club or team, learned to tie their shoes or got into their dream university. Write down all these amazing accomplishments on paper and hang them up on their bedroom doors. They’ll love the chance to celebrate their achievements.

Say goodbye to homework

This one might be a bit of a messy choice, but I think you’ll find that your kids will love it! Gather up all the homework you can find and cut it up into small pieces of confetti. Let the kids go wild throwing the confetti and saying goodbye to the school year.

Outdoor movie night

What better way to welcome the summer than an outdoor movie? If you have a drive-in movie theatre nearby, see if they are open—it’s a great way to get the kids out of the house while still practicing physical distancing. Otherwise, you can set up a projection screen or just bring your television outside and watch a movie under the stars.

Decorate and dance

It’s amazing how a few balloons and maybe a banner can transform your home. Decorate your house on the last day of school and that night, get the kids to dress up and have a dance party.

Let them pick the menu

For dinner on their last day of school, let your kids pick out what you have for dinner. Whether they want a special homemade meal or their favourite dish from a local restaurant, let them choose whatever they’d like for dinner and dessert.

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