Combining Art and Science to Develop Great Thinkers

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As parents we often wonder if we are teaching our kids to be great thinkers. Do we encourage our children to research what they are interested in and ask thoughtful questions about the world they see around them?

Throughout history, science and art have shared a paralleled relationship, but recently they have been taught very separately. By incorporating both science and art in our children’s learning environment our wee ones use both their left and right brain when interpreting and interacting with the world around them. Allowing children to work with living materials, we see them grow their confidence and curiosity in experimenting and trying new things.

(How many times have we had to work way too hard to convince our little ones to try a new food or activity?)

Action Potential Lab is Toronto’s first laboratory catching onto this global trend of combining science and art in the learning process.  They are dedicated to merging the two subjects as a way to encourage new ways of understanding the world around us.

Our kids begin to think critically, putting two and two together, learning how to solve problems and interact with their surroundings in a creative and logical way. It won’t be long before we’re watching our brave soldiers seek out new learning opportunities and experiences, without too much cajoling from us!

Action Potential Lab combines art and science through various classes, workshops, birthday parties, lecture series and community outreach programs.

One of our favorite classes from the many offered for kids aged 2-15, includes The Science of Art + Food! That’s right, we’ll be encouraging our kids to play with their food, with zero clean up for us!

We will be encouraging our kids to think critically and creatively while having fun experimenting and experiencing the living world around them. We say: Mission Accomplished.

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