Summer Bucket List


Here is our family list (made with input from the kids!) to keep us from the “I’m bored” syndrome and help create happy summer memories.

Rainy Day Ideas

* Make tie-dye T-shirts (use a cup, sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol for very simple version)
* Go to a movie
* Make parachute for playmobile figures and throw them off the stairs
* Make cinnamon buns
* Go to the new Lego World at Vaughan Mills
* Make friendship bracelets
* Do paper weaving
* Read books together (my kids are all into Harry Potter)
* Make popsicles or lemonade (and sell it?)
* Have a lego kit on hand and make it!
* Write a letter to someone
* Go to the library

Sunny Day Ideas (don’t forget the sunscreen!)

* Go Berry picking

* Play frisbee

* Ride bikes

* Go for a hike

* Build a sand castle

* Have a water balloon fight!

* Have a campfire (& marshmallow roast!)

* Start a rock collection (my kids have a “rock store”)

* Hunt for 4 leaf clover
* Throw a backyard party

* Fly a kite (requires some wind!)

* Play frisbee (I bought an aerobie – very easy to use!)

* Play in the sprinkler

* Try horseback riding

* Go to a great attraction (Canada’s Wonderland, Marine Land, etc)

* Lie in the grass and look at the clouds – what do you see?

Most importantly, enjoy the weather and time with your family.

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