How To Throw a Winter Wonderland Birthday Party

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In Canada, the most prevalent birth months are not the winter months (due to all that snuggling throughout the winter!), but there are still loads of winter births. We’re here to help you party it up in style with your winter babes with some great ideas for throwing a winter-themed birthday party.

You might think that a winter party would be a blah affair, with the cold outside bringing everyone down. But from snow castles and candyland themes to snowball fights and sledding fun, we have the absolute best ways for those born in the “dreary” months to celebrate their special day.


Think familiar winter images: snowflakes, ice skates, snowballs, penguins, snowmen, snow-covered trees, mittens, hot chocolate, boots, scarves and hats. The invitations could be the shape of one of those images, or print the party information on a simple rectangular piece of cardstock and use a stamp of one of those images to decorate the other side.


Decorate the house with a twinkling white lights. You can hang regular white lights or ones that are shaped like snowflakes to fit the winter theme. Hang paper snowflakes from the ceiling. The key to making this look magical is quantity—the more snowflakes the better, in a variety of sizes.

Play winter-themed music during the party, such as “Let it Snow,” “Winter Wonderland” and “Frosty the Snowman”. You can even play Christmas music if you want—a lot of it has a snow or winter theme.


Plan games like pin the carrot on the snowman or pin the thumb on the mitten. If there’s snow on the ground, organize a snowman-making contest, a snow ball tossing contest or an igloo building session (you can make bricks by packing large ice cream tubs with snow and piling them on top of each other). Arrange a skating party or a hockey party (make sure to have hot chocolate afterwards!).

Ask all your guests to wear white or light blue clothes to the party.


A winter candyland theme can be a lot of fun (especially for any adults who might pop in). A candy or sweets table  with apothecary jars packed full of white and light blue-colored sweets, like M&Ms, gumballs, yogurt-covered pretzels, mints, marshmallows, candy-coated almonds, gummy bears and lollipops. You can also make snowflake cookies, like the beautiful gingerbread or shortbread snowflake cookies and decorate them with sparkly sanding sugar or tiny candy jewels.

For the cake, serve cupcakes that have been baked in snowflake-printed baking cups or encased in snowflake cupcake wrappers. You could also make a pull-apart cupcake snowman cake or decorate chocolate cupcakes with white or pale blue icing and icing or chocolate snowflakes. There are also tons of inspirations for winter-themed desserts on Pinterest. Go crazy!

For food that isn’t sweet (though they think they can, kids can’t survive on sugar alone), think mashed potato snowmen, a corn or white chili, snowflake shaped biscuits, grilled cheese (with caramelized onions and bacon, maybe?), mushroom soup, cauliflower puree (makes a great melted snowman with a carrot shard for the nose and black pepper eyes) and mac and cheese.

See how easy and amazing a winter wonderland birthday party can be? We bet all those summer kids are going to be totally jealous.

For more ideas, see our Pinterest boards for Winter Birthday Party Ideas and Winter Themed Crafts.

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