5 Best Ways To Save Money on Baby Gear

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Everybody likes to save money. Everybody likes a deal. Unbeknownst to many new parents is that there are great ways to accomplish both of these when preparing for a baby!

The three main frustrations that I hear from parents who are buying baby gear is that it is expensive, there is too much of it, and you are done with it so quickly and on to the next.

Here are five tips to help you overcome these common frustrations while still providing your little ones all of the comforts they want and deserve.

1. Buy only what you need.

Every item is pitched to new parents as a “must-have” for our beloveds. The bottom line is that there is so much out there on the market today for every single need and every single minute of a baby’s life.

In reality, you don’t need everything. Talk to your good friends about what they actually used versus what they bought. I highly recommend asking your good friends and family for advice over searching the Internet or consulting mommy groups and so-called experts. There are a lot of opinions online, but the Internet is not very good at providing a consensus. Oftentimes our little people actually need less than we think, and are happy as can be!

2. Buy used gear.

We live in a world where marketers tells us that new is always better, but in the case of baby gear with its inherent short usage window—because babies grow so quickly!—used gear often delivers a lot more value than new.

First off, used gear is less expensive than new. Just as a new car depreciates as soon as you drive it off of the lot, baby gear similarly loses a disproportional amount of its value as soon as it is used the first time.

Secondly, used gear maintains its value longer with proper care which is important when it comes to resale.

Lastly, buying used is gentler on our planet which is quite possibly the best gift you can give to your little loved ones!

Some great options for finding used baby gear locally are StashMates (in Toronto and the GTA), Kijiji (Canada-wide), and Craigslist (worldwide).

3. Choose quality over quantity.

When buying baby gear, buy quality over quantity. I see parents all the time who have homes overflowing with everything plastic a child could ever use.

Let’s be clear about what I mean by quality. Quality does not simply mean big name (and big price tag) brands. Quality is also defined by age, condition, and usage history. Look for used gear that has been lightly used, and well maintained.

Certain items like wooden furniture (cribs, high-chairs) and toys, do not have an expiration date. Plastic based items often do, as their materials break down over time and easily damage.

Always ensure that the used gear that you buy comes from a smoke-free, and ideally, pet-free home.

4. Store it.

When you’re between babies, save money, space, and time by storing your baby gear when you’re not using it. So many of us know we have loaned things which have never been returned, or have come back in much worse condition than when loaned!

Save yourself the hassle, and store your baby gear so it’s in the same condition when you need itagain. This will create space in your home, and guarantees your baby gear will be ready for you when you need it.

You can do self-storage or rent a traditional storage unit, but StashMates is a new service specializing in baby gear storage. StashMates charges by the piece, rather than hundreds of dollars monthly for a half-full storage locker. In addition to storing your gear, StashMates also does pick-up and re-delivery and cleans and sanitizes your gear using all-natural products.

5. Sell it when you’re done.

When you are truly done with your baby gear, put money back in your pocket by selling your baby gear online.

Many parents opt out of re-selling their gear online because of the hassle involved: you have to post each item with photos, correspond with potential buyers, haggle over a few dollars, and meet strangers at your home—if the buyer shows up at all!

A much easier option is to find a great service partner who can do the heavy lifting for you, while still putting money in your pocket.

StashMates’ white glove service offers a hassle-free guarantee: we will pick up, clean, and sell your gear for you. Sellers receive 50% of the selling price in cash, or even more if you choose to take your StashMates money in the form of a gift card from a StashMates retail partner—up to 75% back!

Live in Toronto or the GTA? StashMates is having its first-ever pop-up sale on September 26, 8 am–1 pm at Yoga Mamas in Leslieville. Find new and lightly used baby gear from top brands, up to 80% off original retail price! Free stroller tune-ups, tasty treats, and lots of prizes. You can also enter a contest to win $100 toward purchases at the sale.

Hutch Morton, founder and CEO of StashMates, is a serial entrepreneur who loves new ideas that shake up the status quo. Hutch lives in a small house in Toronto with his wife Christine, newborn girl Waverley, and 12-year-old dog Fernie. He is watching with a nervous eye as his basement fills up with baby gear.

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