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8299 Concession 2 Road, West Lincoln, ON, L0R 1E0
Platform: In-Person Only

About Ostrich Land

Ostrich Land offers tours of their farm, including a visit to the incubator room (subject to availability) where you can meet the youngest chicks. You can also feed the yearlings and say hello to the adult ostriches.

They also have several animal villages to visit. The Ostrich Village has three species of ostriches that you’ll find along the dirt trails. There is also a rabbit village, duckling village, alpaca village, and a chicken village, where you can learn more about these animals, including what they eat and how they grow.

A picnic area, playground, snack bar, indoor garden and studio/store offers plenty of activities so that you can spend the day at Ostrich Land.

They also offer birthday party packages. Guests will take a tour of Ostrich Land, feed the farm animals, play in the Fun Farm Yard play area, and decorate an egg basket. Add-ons include a magic show and more.


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